When looking at the Radiator Coolant Hose (Lower), look for cracks, warping, dry-rotted areas, and swelling.

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Trim: 40th Anniversary Edition, Base, Base Sport , Nismo, Sport, Touring, Touring. Shop Nissan NV200 Engine Coolant Pipe. Twitter.

Instead of using a hose diagram, this video shows you where coolant hoses on your 2016 370Z with the 3.

Water hose and piping. The lower hose runs from just above the AC Compressor to the lower right-hand corner of the radiator. .

remove radiator cap. Welcome Back! In today's episode I show you the most underrated mod for the 370z and g37, the great part about this mod is that you can do it in under 30 min.

Feel the lower hose to make sure the thermostat opens.


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Finally check the coolant level in the reservoir and add to between the high and low lines. Aug 27, 2013 · You can see my Mishimoto radiator and upper hose in the photos accompanying my previous message.


Water hose and piping.

Unlike conventional stock rubber hoses that deteriorate over time, dry rot, and ultimately crack, silicone hoses will stay soft and never degrade.

Supersession(s):21741JK000. . For late style cars: Remove the hose running from the top of the coolant neck where the upper radiator hose connects (circled on previous page).

7 liter engine are located and the steps needed to analyze. Ships from NISSAN PARTS. PIPING. Jun 9, 2012 · Please refer to the factory cooling hoses diagram below and study this picture very carefully. Every Nissan comes with an owner’s manual in the glove box, but there’s also one online, at your MyNissan Owner Portal.


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Feel the lower hose to make sure the thermostat opens.

Help your Nissan get the most power from its.